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The primary goal of Laodecia Press is to help push the believer on to maturity in Christ – maturity in theology, thought, and action. A devastating problem amongst (particularly young) believers is a lack of deep thought on theology, biblical principles, and the lives we should live as a result.

The articles here are aimed at providing a helpful and pertinent resource to believers to “proclaim [Him], warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ.” (Colossians 1: 28). Also, there is the occasional apologetic article aimed at both helping Christians, and giving an answer to critics and skeptics for the hope that is in within us.

We greatly value the comments and concerns of our readers – let us know about questions and concerns, as well as any suggestions you have so we can continue to improve as writers, and become more mature in Christ as well!

Scott Whynot

Desiring to stay in school as long as possible to avoid the perils of the working world, Scott enjoys spending time on his MacBook Pro, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and blogging from his parent’s basement. Enjoy his latest material on laodeciapress as he desires to better understand the Word of God.

Paul Jenkins

A self-identified writing newbie, theology-lover, and in his better moments, an amateur evangelist.  Paul attempts daily to take down the graven image of Steve Jobs in Scott’s basement. Paul also is married to his wife Susannah, and is trying to learn more about presuppositional apologetics.

We encourage our readers to express themselves thoughtfully and respectfully in the comments section. We try to respond to every thoughtful comment. To contact us directly with a suggestion for a topic, ask a question, or give a comment email us at

Follow Paul on Twitter @pjenkins70.


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